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Website design course has provided immense employment opportunity across the globe. We prepare participants with required latest technology to meet the skill expectation of employers. We also prepare them to be efficient enough to work independently. Website design course covers all aspects of website designing like HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript and jquery to help participants combine these in a way to deliver latest websites.

Our experienced trainers who are working professionals help program participants in gaining confidence and skills to get through career challenges. At the end of training program participants become ready to deliver an independent project and having a live project experience and certificate to move further.

Website design Course Includes:

Course Fee:Rs.12,000 | Discounted Fee: Rs.9,000 Duration 60Hrs.
  • HTML the Language of the Web
  • Basic HTML Tags
  • Basic HTML Body Tags
  • Coding Style
  • All about Links
  • Identify the need for Java Scripts
  • Apply escape characters
  • Differentiate between web server, web page and web site
  • Create an Array object and apply its methods
  • Use Arithmetic, Logical and Assignment operators
  • Creating Tag & Class Styles
  • Creating Divs with ID Styles
  • Using Margins for Positioning
  • Changing Page Properties Styles
  • Reviewing CSS Cod
  • What Are Javascript And Jquery
  • Programming/Coding Principles
  • Selecting And Manipulating Elements
  • Animation And Queuing
  • Drag And Drop Features
  • Comparing Margins & Padding
  • Creating a Page from a Template
  • Using Styles to Align Images
  • Calculating CSS Spacing
  • Styling Headlines
  • Using Bootstrap or designing
  • Customizing design with Bootstrap
Responsive Website Design
  • Using HTML5 & CSS3
  • Making website device freindly
  • Implementing Bootstrap for responsive
  • Implementing Jquery for Responsive
Live Project Training
  • Creating a Professioanl website design
  • Developing Design inot website
  • Implementing it on web server
Website Hosting
  • Domain name registration
  • Hosting Space
  • Using CPanel
  • Setting up mail ids and other features

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