Java Training


Course Fee Rs.7,000 Duration 40Hrs.
Introduction to Java
  • What is java?
  • Object Oriented P rogramming
  • Internet Programming
  • Platform Inde pendency
  • Internet Security
  • C,C++ VS Java
  • Use of Sleep() and Suspend Methods
  • Integrated Thread Synchronization
  • What Is the JDBC API?
  • Driver Types
  • Connection Overview
  • Concurrency Types
  • Introduction of Package
  • Programs related to Packages
  • Scope of Access Modifiers
OOPs Concepts and their Implementation in Java
  • OOPs concept , its properties and uses
  • Class Member and instance members
  • Java First Program
  • Role of Constructor
  • Overloading and Overriding
  • Introduction to JSP
  • Dynamic Binding and Static Binding
Exception Handling
  • Introduction of exception and Error
  • Try, catch and finally blocks
  • Throw and throws Kewords
  • Chacked and Unchacked Exception
JDBC SQL Programing
  • Error Checking and the SQLException Class
  • The SQL Warning Class
  • JDBC Types
  • Executing SQL Queries
  • Transaction Management
Internet Programming using Applets
  • Getting Started With Applets
  • Defining an Applet Subclass
  • Life Cycle of an Applet
  • Applet’s Execution Environment
  • Developing an Applet
  • Error Checking and the SQLException Class
  • What is TCP and UDDP
  • What is Socket and Port
  • URL in terms of Java Networking Programing
  • Datagram in Network Environment

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