Excel & Advance Excel

excel-01Formulas make Excel smart. With out them, Excel is just a data keeping tool. But by using formulas, you can crunch data, analyze it and get answers to most complex questions. While anyone can use a simple SUM or IF formula, an advanced user of it would be able to seamlessly write & combine formulas like SUMIFS, SUMPRODUCT, INDEX, MATCH, LOOKUP formulas. Apart from knowing the formulas, advanced Excel users know how to debug them, audit them and how to use which formula for which occasion (and they also know few alternatives for any given formula problem).

Basics Course Fee 2,500 Duration 25Hrs.
  • Excel Introduction
  • Basic Navigation and Editing
  • Getting Going
Orientation and Efficiency
  • Editing
  • Viewing
  • Spreadsheet Structure
  • Cell References
  • Named Ranges
  • Basic Macros
  • Design
  • Customising Excel
  • Connecting Workbooks
  • Protecting and Sharing
  • Excel Troubleshooting
  • Documentation
  • Google Docs
Data Handling
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • Controlling User Input
  • Working with Dates and Times
  • Working with Text
  • Lookup and Reference
  • Logical Functions
Data Analysis
  • Working with Numbers
  • Summarising Data
  • Simple Summaries
  • Manipulating Data
  • Interpreting Data
  • PowerPivot: Handling Big Data
  • Formula Auditing
  • Cell Formatting
  • Number Formatting
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Graphs and Charts
  • Page and Print Setup
Advanced Course Fee 2,500 Duration 25Hrs.
Design and Risk
  • Templates
  • Efficiency and Risk
  • Data Validation
Advanced Techniques
  • Functions and Super Powers
  • Array Formulae
  • Tables
  • Advanced Range Names
  • What If?
  • Problem Solving
Excel Interactivity
  • Form Controls
  • Visual Basic and Macros
Spreadsheet Impact
  • Practical Interactivity with VBA
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Charts that Inspire
  • Sparklines
  • Graphics Tricks and Techniques
Turning Data into Decisions
  • Working with External Data
  • Advanced Uses of PivotTables
  • PowerPivot
  • Reporting with PowerPivot

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