Digital Marketing Course in Dwarka


We provide digital marketing course in Dwarka for students and professionals both. Digital marketing is one area, which has phenomenal growth in past few years and is expected to grow exponentially in upcoming years as well. This digital marketing course is equally important for existing marketing and sales executives who want to stay in good shape for future job scenario. Digital marketing does not require, programming skills and high level professional degree. A bit of common sense, analytical mind and some market understanding. Along with the course one can also achieve Google Certification, which gives participants added credential for job scenario.

Our digital marketing training is based on face-to-face interaction, case studies and live demonstrations. Digital marketing Course not only makes students proficient in working with digital marketing tools and techniques but also makes the aware about strategy and execution to achieve the business goals.

Aim of DPCSDC is to create skills that help participants in getting employed by meeting the industry expectations.

Digital Marketing Course, Dwarka Details

Course Fee Rs.20,000 | Discounted Fee:Rs.15,000 Duration 60Hrs.
Google Adwords
  • Introduction to Adwords
  • Campaign Manag ement!
  • Account Management!
  • Keyword Targ eting!
  • Language and Location Targeting!
  • Different Ad Formats!
  • Budgets and Bidding!
  • Measurement analysis and OptimizationI
  • Review & course correction
  • Managing Multiple Accounts!
  • Search Fundamentals Review!
  • Ad Formats!
  • Ad and Site Quality& Landing Page!
  • AdWords Tools!
  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting!
  • Optimizing Performance!
  • Performance, Profitability, and Growth!
  • Introduction to AdWords API & Adwords Editor!
  • The Google Display Network!
  • Display Ads on YouTube
  • Display and Video Ads on Mobile Devices!
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • How Search engines work?
  • Doing Keyword Research with Google Keyword planner
  • Difference between On-page and Off-page optimization
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Why is Google Algorithm so important?
Google Analytics
  • What is Web Analytics?
  • How Google Analytics works?
  • Understanding goals and conversions
  • User Management
  • Understanding bounce and bounce rate?
Social Media Marketing
  • What is Socail Media Marketing?
  • How Socail Media Marketing works?
  • Challenges of Socail Media marketing
  • Types of Socail Media Marketing
  • Best platforms to do opt-in Socail Media marketing
Email Marketing
  • What is Email Marketing?
  • How Marketing works?
  • Challenges of email marketing
  • Best platforms to do opt-in email marketing
Affiliate Marketing
  • What is affiliate Marketing?
  • How affiliate Marketing works?
  • Challenges of affiliate marketing
  • Best platforms to do affiliate marketing

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